Aug 9, 2017

CHARACTER KARAOKE TAG || about music and WIPs

Hi, everyone! You doing good? Hope so! I'm having a good month so far; lots of books, good music and inspiration. However, i'm kind of struggling with my WIP :( Yup, really sad thing. But i feel that this book is better. I know what my plans are and i'm so excited about them. So i'm fine *winks xD*

Aaaaanyway! I was tagged to this super cool thingy by Anna from A World Through Her Heart (btw, go check out her lovely blog). I usually listen to weird things while writing, but the music always has to match the atmosphere of the scene. It's a really interesting thing. I don't tend to build enire playlists for my books, though. I'm more of a run-and-make-a-Pinterest-board-ASAP kind of person. So, here we go!! I really enjoyed this tag <3

However, as i didn't know who to tag in the end and as i found this post too short, i decided to include some of my own questions for you to get to know a little bit more about my #WorkInProgress. How does that sound?

It's your OTP's wedding day, what song plays during their first dance?

Who says I've got an OTP, huh? *squints* Just kidding! (Am i?) Hmm, i don't think my OTP would make a fancy wedding with dances and stuff. Maybe just a lot of food and something to steal (they're thieves, you know?). They're more like the kind of people that would get married in secret and be really cute and romantic without having an actual wedding. But, as the question requires it, I guess they'd dance "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran. They'd probably jump to something a lot more fast and wild-dancing-like soon enough, though.

What song describes your protagonist?
I have two protagonists.

Regarding my masculine protagonist, i think there would be two. The first one is mostly because of the lyrics and because the character's back story. It'd be "How to Save A Life" by The Fray. I can picture him jumping around and singing that song, both loving it and enjoying the lyrics. Due to his personality, i think a song for him would also be "Sucker for Pain" by Lil Wayne. He's KIND OF a rock n' roll person locked inside a fantasy world. Wild.

And for my female protagonist, it'd be "Believer" by Imagine Dragons. It fits her wild and funny personality. She's sweet, so she'll probably love any of Ed Sheeran's songs, among others, but she's also a cutthroat female character...

Any instrument players or characters with ties to music?
Sorry-not-sorry, bu the answer is no. I mean, both of my characters are really fond of music and it's important for them. Like, knowing what kind of music other people listen to tells them a lot about that person. But that's the end of it. None of them play any instruments. Also, they live in a fantasy world around the Industrial Revolution time (more or less, give or take), so the fantasy doesn't quite fit.

Go-to songs for battle, romance or intense scenes?
I... don't... know... While writing epic scenes I usually listen to "The Burton's Corpse Bride" soundtrack, or the Star Wars soundtrack. I like soundtracks and instrumentals for these scenes because there are no lyrics to interfere. On the other hand, when writing romance, i tend to listen to Ed Sheeran (yeah, i love him, in case you haven't noticed xD) and LET the lyrics play a role in my thoughts.

What song matches the first scene of your book?
"Sinister Kid" by The Black Keys. Yup. That's probably it. Cunning, sharp, loud and knowing-like. A lot like my first scene.

If your book were to be a TV Show, which song would be on the intro?
Easy! "Castle" by Halsey. I can picture the entire thing in my head while listening to that song. <3

If you received a call from an agent saying that you're getting published, what song would you sing and dance along to celebrate?
Actually, there's really no way for me to know that xD. Maybe whatever i find first, who knows? But if i get to choose, i'd like to play "The Greatest" by Sia. There are so many good memories for me behind that song and i'd like to cry with joy because of it. I'd dance it and stand on the table as i did, singing as loud as i could (while i kept crying xD) and smile as i sang the tiny rap in the end. Mix of emotions!

And that's it, peeps!!
Hope you enjoyed!
Who do i tag? No idea! But feel free to do this amazing tag! <3 


  1. Awesome tag! I like the graphics. I haven't really heard any of these songs, but I'm sure they match the characters and scenes. Imagine Dragons is good for many scenes, lol. :)

    1. Hi Ivie!!
      WHY, THANK YOU!!
      Hahah really? Well, i hope you listen to them someday :3

  2. I ADORE all of these songs, you have a good taste in music!

    1. SRSLY??!! That's so greaaatt!! Hahhah thanks :?

  3. This post is so cool, Juls! I just discovered the art of making playlists for stories - like you, I'm more of a Pinterest person.


    1. And I'm going to sneak those extra questions! I like those!

    2. THANKS!!!
      That sounds good!! Hahah i hope i learn to appreciate the art of playlists someday, you know?
      Hahahh really? Be my guest! That's fantastic.

  4. This looks and sounds fun!!! Great choices :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me!!
      Hahha thankkkksss