(April) Camp NaNoWriMo

Status: almost finished
Genre: YA Fantasy
Current Word Count: 75,254
Chapters: 84

In the kingdom of Tudhar, the city of Kienitrah is about to fall apart. The desert shudders with the endless noise of gunshots and screams, ready to explode in chaos. 
Gemma Vercini is a dancer. She's been raised as that harsh reality has allowed her; told to be quiet, good and obedient. To keep her gaze down. Not to speak unless she's spoken to, not to be curiours or wonder. Yet, her passion for dancing is bigger than her, and the world she knows might be coming to an end.  
When Gemma's path gets crossed with a thief's, she crashes against a different version of things. What if there's a better world out there? What if things could change? What if she could be more than what she's been told? Along with her sister, Firesse, Gemma struggles between a world that's about to crumble and a new one that seems to be her salvation. But is it true? 
Gemma will meet thieves, liars, tricksters, dreamers and gamblers, all dangerous and tempting. The worlds trembles, and it is about to crack. Where do her loyalties lie? Who can she trust? It will all come to the moment when the desert truly shakes. Liars and dreamers had always been powerful. Now, they're deadly.


  1. Wow this is so cool Juls! So intriguing! AHH, I really want to read more! <3 *hearteyes*
    You have to tell me how you did that highlight looks so professional!

    1. Hahha thanks!!! <3 <3 <3
      ohh thank you!
      i will !

  2. That cover. How'd you make it? It is beautiful. And the description of your book is amazing. The collage is wonderful. Never mind my question, I just realized it was Canva. At least, it looks like Canva.
    Anyway, all of this is beautiful. <3

    1. THANKS !!!!
      <3 <3 <3
      I designed it with photoshop ;) I used some pics with no copyrights, edited them a lot, put them together and created the cover.
      Yes, it is.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Glad you liked it <3